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Radiant Love

As the sunrise began its ascent on October 7, 2017, the light danced on the wheat fields and overflowed the barn of Moore's Flying M Ranch in Inola, Oklahoma. Today was the perfect day for a wedding.

The Barn
Moore's Flying M Ranch

A little further from the barn Shelby awoke to the aroma of freshly-ground coffee in a cozy cabin with her closest family and friends. Her mind couldn't help but wander to the thought of walking down the aisle to her fiancé Bill in just a few short hours. Shortly after waking, Cassi and Suezy arrived to begin pampering the girls with hair and makeup. From the curls to the lashes the girls were full of laughter, excitement and pure joy.

Bridal Makeup by Cassi Butler

A bit further down the gravel road Bill and the guys gathered in true country fashion for some skeet shooting and beer drinking. Marines sure do know how to have action-packed fun before a wedding! Rest assured, they took care of the final honey-do list before beginning their gun-filled adventure.

Groom and Groomsmen
The Guys Having Pre-Wedding Fun

The day continued to pass by quickly as the final details in the barn came together seamlessly. The blush colored linens were pressed, burlap was laid, place settings were set, centerpieces were displayed, caterers were assembled and the DJ was starting to make sound. It all came together like a planners dream.

Reception Decorations
Reception Space Completed

Sundown quickly approached as did the time to walk down the aisle. Pastor Rhoades took his place and Billy stood under the arbor nervously anticipating seeing his fiancé walk towards him. The bridesmaids lined up in their free-flowing champagne colored knee-length dresses with each of their blue jean and vest wearing groomsmen in tow. They all made it down the aisle perfectly and glowingly waited for the brides grand debut. The barn doors were closed and it was time.

Shelby's father linked his arm around hers and smiled a smile only a father can when he sees his daughter as a bride. The guests stood and as the barn doors were released Shelby and her father walked down the fully illuminated path to the man of her dreams. The ceremony spoke truth, meaning and hope for a God-filled life of happiness and love.

Praying Over Their New Life

Pastor Rhoades happily announced, "you may now kiss your bride" just as the amber colored sun made its final descent. The kiss radiated love and the crowed cheered. Love was at its peak.

The First Kiss

First Kiss
Mr. & Mrs. Bews

Bridal Party
One Fun Tribe

The guests were then escorted into the rustic barn where they were shown what true love really looks like. Between the first dance of Billy and Shelby- to watching both their married parents dance to their wedding songs- there weren't too many dry eyes left in the crowd. The DJ played all the right music to get the guests on their feet dancing the night away. From the line dancing, to the grooms perfectly choreographed magic mike routine, with some slow dances between, there wasn't much time to sit down and take it all in. The one thing that remained constant throughout the night was the display of love, honor and sacrifice. Thank you Billy for both your sacrifice to our country and your love for Shelby. This wedding will truly be forever cherished.

Wedding Planner: The Moment By Casey

Venue: Moore's Flying M Ranch & Event Center 

Photographer: Emily Ross Photography

Hair: Salon 96/Suezy

Makeup: Cassi Butler

Officiant: Steve Rhoads

Transportation: The Main Event

Catering: Fannie's Country Cookin

DJ: The Sound /Brady

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