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A Day Worth Jazzing Over

They say rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding day. Luckily, for Rebecca and Travis, the day started with rain. Actually, it was a lot of rain that had zero percent chance of clearing up. Having booked their wedding at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa, they were less than concerned and welcomed all the luck pouring in.

The chairs were set. The ceremony decorations were up. The vows were written. Details were done.

Vow Books
His & Her Vows

The couple chose ivory and multiple shades of blue for their decor. Fully understanding the brides wedding cake vision, Sweet Devotions Cakery created this magnificent marble cake that incorporated a variety of different blues. It was phenomenal! Located near a large window with a spotlight shining upon it made this a focal point for the reception.

Wedding Cake
Marble Swirl Blue Cake

The wedding party spent the day relaxing, laughing and having some fun. They weren't rushing around and definitely didn't show any signs of nervousness. It was as if they knew exactly what they were doing and couldn't wait! It's pretty apparent in the pictures captured during this time that the day was going to be perfect.

Bridesmaids and Friends Forever

Guys and Their Bonds

ast forward to the first look. This was a little tricky as it was pouring down rain (or luck) and we needed to cross the street to get to the location of the first look. Armed with four umbrellas, the bride, photographer, assistant and I got her across the street and up the stairs to the groom. He was in his place, eyes closed, a bit nervous and ready to see his bride. She softly touched his shoulder and he nervously turned to see his future wife standing before him radiant as ever. The beauty she emitted called for a 360° spin to take it all in. It was such a touching moment perfectly captured by Juliana Rose Photography.

Ready for the First Look

Beauty Worth Spinning Over

Now, having some extra help from Travis, we got Rebecca back to the Jazz Hall of Fame for the remainder of pictures with the wedding party.

Rain Picture
A Timeless Picture of Rain and Joy

Noticeably, the wedding party was still having a great time and were ready to have some fun- and fun they did have!

Surrounded by family and friends, the bride and groom recited their hand-written vows and said, "I Do" to forever. The ceremony was elegant and simple yet full of promise and love.

Mr. & Mrs. Schell

Just like they say rain brings good luck on your wedding day, they also say things change after you get married. It requires strength, love, admiration, honesty, forgiveness and the ability to see all sides of the other person. It requires them being the center of your universe. It only seemed fitting to have a picture taken at that exact spot- The Center of The Universe, Tulsa Oklahoma.

Center of the Universe

This day was truly unforgettable. I hope you always remember to love each other through the good, hard, sad, happy, fun times and put each other first- always. It was my genuine pleasure planning your wedding and I look forward to seeing the life you both create together. Love, Casey

Ceremony/Reception: Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Wedding Planner: The Moment By Casey

Photographer: Juliana Rose Photography

Caterer: Goodies Catering, LLC

Hair Stylist: The Sterling Salon

Officiant: Temple Diehl

Cake: Sweet Devotions Cakery

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