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Today's Forecast- Love

Rain. There, I said it! From the week leading up to the wedding until the close of the reception, rain was a word not to be included in our vocabulary. Ironically, during that same time, rain was the only word the weatherman seemed to know. So Annoying. Rain. Rain. Rain. I was sick of hearing about how our perfectly planned outdoor wedding was going to be compromised by several precipitation filled anti-fun having clouds. Rude.

Logistically, the venue allowed for both the ceremony and reception to be held inside the beautiful rustic barn. So, to our dismay, the "rain" plan was put into place at the rehearsal. Stephanie, being the most easy-going bride ever, (and I mean, EVER) gracefully went through the rehearsal smiling as if the change in weather was not going to affect her wedding day. I remained hopeful and avoided thinking about the additional logistics that were going to be involved in moving the wedding inside. I mean, if the bride is okay with the change then the battle is already won, right?

The next morning I woke up to the dark, gloomy, wedding-hating rain clouds. It was inevitable. We were not having an outdoor wedding. I texted Stephanie wishing her a "Happy Wedding Day" and tried to remain positive about how the days events would go. I showed up to the venue and began meeting vendors, setting-up table decorations and getting the final details worked out. I looked outside and was shocked to see the grounds crew vigorously cleaning up from the monsoon that came through the night before. Why were they putting forth all that effort to clean up when it was going to rain again? I stepped out of the barn and for 60 seconds the sun was shining through the trees as if it were asking for forgiveness. Ding. Ding. My text alert goes off and it's Stephanie. She is giving me the go ahead to have the wedding outside! Outside! My prayers have been answered. Thank you, thank you!

The wedding party arrived and went to their respected areas to begin dressing. They were anxiously awaiting the start of the wedding. The makeup was on. The hair was done. The bride was ready for her dress. The girls assembled and assisted the bride into her lace and crystal full-length gown. It fit like a glove. She was radiant. Meanwhile, in the grooms room, a much different scenario was taking place. They were ready to get the show on the road and get the party started. They even began practicing their "twerk" though it didn't ever make an appearance that night. The personalities were really starting to shine through just as the last rays of sunshine came through the tress.

It's now wedding time. It was overcast, damp and chilly but when Pachelbel started playing, the bride and her father walked down the tree lined aisle and she said "I Do" to her best friend. The grooms brother announced the newlyweds for the first time ever as,  "Mr. & Mrs. Douglas!" My brides wish of an outdoor wedding had just been fulfilled. Cue happy dance. That's right rain clouds- we won!

The rest of the nights celebration was perfectly catered to the bride and groom. Between the bar-be-cue dinner, the chocolate ganache grooms cake, the sunflower centerpieces and guests dancing the night away- it couldn't have been better.

Underneath the moonlight shining between the trees, the bride and groom exited the rustic barn in a beautifully lit sparkler send-off that looked like it came right off a movie set.

Rain, no rain, the bride and groom are happily married and are ready to weather all of life's storms together.

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas

Wedding Planner: The Moment By Casey

Venue: OutdoorIdo's

Flowers/Cakes: Serving Hands Weddings & Flowers

DJ: Caveman Entertainment

Photographer: AY Imagery

Caterer: Mac's BBQ

Dresses: David's Bridal

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